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Of all the best ielts coaching centres, Camford Academy specialises on teaching all four IELTS modules so lightly as well as innovatively. Why is IELTS course considered tougher than most other English language proficiency exams? Simply because many ielts coaching institutes do not change their teaching methodologies. It is irrefutable that, with the evolvement of time, the strategies of IELTS study keep changing. So, shouldn't we change the tips and tricks of cracking IELTS test? Yes, we should. Camford Academy, the top ielts training institute in Thiruvanathapuram, retunes its methodologies and strategies as to suit each ielts takers in Kerala, India.

Best IELTS Coaching Centre in Trivandrum

IELTS test takers often ask which is the best IELTS training centre in Trivandrum?. Needless to say that it is Camford Academy which holds the record of the largest numbre of IELTS 7 and Above test results in Kerala, India. Being the best ielts training center, Camford Academy is appreciated for its faultless mastering of the modules of IELTS test. Camford IELTS class is worth every effort and penny spent for the training. If any ielts training institution in Kerala or India can claim the position of the best IELTS centre, we are possibly the frontrunner for the same. Camford's ielts coaching strategy is widely accepted as the best with an enormous number of students from different parts in India flocking to Camford to crack their ielts exams. The four modules In the ielts exam viz Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening are impeccably taught as to ensure our students pass their ielts tests in flying colours. The ielts training is made easier with our vast ielts materials.

Camford Academy has been formed with a view to providing students with novel experience in language learning that we have gained from the Cambridge University's teaching methods and strategies. The interactive modules of Camford focus on practical and exciting language components that target key weaknesses of Indian learners. This commitment spirals up the rate of learning and overall efficiency of a work based language course. We have recruited the most dynamic, experienced and charismatic Cambridge University (UK) trained trainer for the same. Many companies consider Camford Academy's Programme as a stepping stone as it is more intensive and challenging which proves to be a shot in the arm for their staff.

As we are a British Council Gold Member, ielts online exam registration is done free of cost.

Best Online IELTS Coaching Kerala

Due to the Covid pandemic, Camford Academy has started Online IELTS training class for all four modules with individual trainer for each student. Â The delivery of online ielts training class ensures the success as the quality is not at all compromised. Unlike offline coaching, online studies heavily rely on technologies like internet and computer. However, without an experienced trainer, it is unlikely to take you to your target IELTS band score. So, the Camford online IELTS coaching is peerless in Kerala for the features below.

  • 1. Live video Classes
  • 2. Individual trainer for each Student
  • 3. Weak areas are Identified
  • 3. Daily mocktests on all four modules
  • 4. Daily Feedback
  • OET Coaching at Camford Academy

    Camford Academy has started OET ( Occupational English Test) training that covers all four sub-tests / modules with right amount of individual attention.


    Overseas education has opened up a threshold of global opportunities for the students from India. What more, it is the students from Kerala who have made optimum use of study abroad. Despite the presence of many overseas educational consultants, Camford Academy has become a synonym for overseas education consultancy in Trivandrum. We send students for their higher education to UK, New Zeland, Canada and Australia. Ostensibly, Camford Academy is the most trusted and the best overseas educational consultant in Trivandrum, Kerala India. We have processed hundreds of educational visas to countries such as UK, USA, Canda, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland etc... We are tied up with many leading universities in these countries. We are one of the rarest educational consultants in Trivandrum, Kerala that provide free services for processing study abroad education applicationss.


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