CAMFORD Academy OET 2.0 Coaching

Like any other English language tests, OET or Occupational English Test is subjected for constant changes. So, OET shareholders or authorities introduce frequent changes and hence is the OET 2.0 witht significant changes in both OET Reading and Listening modules and with no noticeable changes in Writing and Speaking. Following a pattern in OET EXAM has started backfiring. So, Camford has finetuned its OET teaching and delivering methodologies.There may be many OET centres  in Kerala  claiming to be the top. However, Camford Academy is a topnotch OET school in Trivandrum, India. OET / Occupational English Test coaching class in Trivandrum is at its best at Camford Academy with better OET test materials created by us than any other OET training centres in Kerala, India. We initiate pioneering OET teaching methods which place OET test takers in Kerala in a comfort zone.  Camford oet training minimises the difficulty in OET test and maximises the result. Rush to the top oet academy  to avoid repeated sittings in the oet test.

OET is an English language test that assesses the language and communication skills of healthcare professionals who seeks to register and practice in an English speaking environment. It provides a valid and reliable assessment of all four language skills – Listening , Reading ,Writing and Speaking with an emphasis on communication in healthcare settings.


OET Listening (approx. 50 minutes) with 2 tasks Common to all 12 professions as to know if candidate can follow and understand a range of

health-related spoken materials such as patient consultations and lectures,

OET  Reading (60 minutes) with 2 tasks Common to all 12 professions as to understand if student can read and understand different types of text on health-related subjects.

OET  Writing (45 minutes) Reading time: 5 minutes Writing time: 40 minutes with 1 letter specific to each profession. It asks the OET test taker to write a letter in a clear and accurate way which is relevant for the reader
OET  Speaking (20 minutes) 2 tasks Specific to each profession Effectively communicate in a real-life context through the use of role-plays

Grading OET

OET grade Description of ability
A Very high level of performance
B High level of performance, i.e. able to use English with fluency and accuracy adequate for professional needs
C Good level of performance; however, not acceptable to a range of health and medical councils
Moderate level of performance: requires improvement

E Low level of performance: requires considerable improvement


Overall task fulfillment
Appropriateness of language
Comprehension of stimulus
Linguistic features (grammar and cohesion)
 Presentation features (spelling, punctuation and layout).


Overall communicative effectiveness
Resources of grammar and expression


 Clubbing / Combining OET Test Results in two different OET exam sittings

Nursing & Midwifery Council / NMC UK allows clubbing of the results  obtained in only two OET Test sittings. The grade of any module should not  go below C+ grade in either appearance. 

This is either a myth or a misunderstanding that NHS UK permits to sit in any one particular OET subtest or module separately. So, it's clear that those who want to combine two OET results should sit in all four oet subtests each time.


OET CLASS TIMINGS : 10 AM – 2 PM  Mon thru Fri



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    To take the Test outside Australia, the fees

        Full sit 4 sub-tests  AUD $587
  3 sub-tests     AUD $477.50
  2 sub-tests     AUD $339
  1 sub-test             AUD $200.50

Director's Notes

  • Netto. C
  • CELTA(Cambridge University) M.Phil English, B.Ed M.A. Eng, M.A. Sociology

We are happy to introduce a bunch of talented English language trainers in the capital city of Kerala, india. We understand that this is the high time that we changed the age-old traditional language teaching techniques. Camford Academy practices the innovative teaching methods and techniques introduced and widely used by Cambridge University, UK. Camford Academy is one of the rarest institutes in India to have employed Cambridge University trained English language trainers. Camford Academy is a pioneer in using modern tips to make Communicative English and IELTS training learner-friendly.